Mike's Journal

I am the Devil dancing by the pale moonlight

Umbral Echoes
25 September 1980
My name is Mike, and I'm the webmaster for a publishing company in the RPG industry. I'm a multi-talented geek and freak -- I like all things computer-related, martial arts, DDR (Dance Dance Revolution, for those not up with the lingo), movies, roleplaying, and Guinness. I collect porn that would make angels cry and demons run in terror.

Here are a few of my favorite movies. The "A List," so to speak: Schindler's List, The Matrix (first one), What Dreams May Come, Fight Club, Troy, Tombstone, Man on Fire, The Professional

The "B list" would include titles such as Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter ("The power of Christ impales you!"), Cannibal: the Musical, and Six String Samurai.

I like to throw down. My opinion is that if you do something and you're not sore or bruised from it the next day, then you didn't do it hard enough. I like to have a few Guinness on the weekends with friends, and when I'm not bending computers to my will, I'm opening people up to the wonderful world of freakdom and geekdom -- or sometimes just breaking their minds, collecting their tears and using them as lubricant to rape my sister's ass. It's a hobby of mine.

Still reading? Good, you're my type of person. We'll do wonderful things together, kid. If you want to know anything more about me, read my damn journal.